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Founded in 2006, we have been helping established and emerging companies create and extend powerful Brands.

Wolf Design Partners

is an independent boutique consulting firm specializing in branding and logo design.

Our approach and talent lie in truly understanding the strategic intent of the companies who hire us. More importantly, we strive to make an emotional connection with their audiences. Simply put—we create iconic brands, built to last.

We love Brand storytelling

Great Brands tell great stories. If you want to build a Brand that your audience will love, tell a compelling story, and make an emotional connection.

What sets us apart

Collaborate with seasoned branding professionals

Experience across all industries

Directed programs for some of the world’s most iconic brands

Independent and not constrained by agency politics

Breakthrough design, avoiding safe, conventional solutions

Why hire us?

Clients hire Wolf Design Partners because of our depth of experience, inspired creativity, strategic focus, attention to detail, and strong track record for providing enduring solutions.

Since we operate independently, we have the ability to optimize our team by selecting those individuals best qualified and with the right expertise, experience and perspective to meet the needs of our clients.

Our capabilities

- Brand Assessment
- Brand Strategy
- Name Development
- Logo Design
- Brand Identity Systems
- Brand Literature
- Package Design
- Brand Guidelines

The work

The work that follows includes Bob Wolf’s designs for well-known global brands as well as some logos that never saw the light of day. However, in our opinion they are strategically solid.

Represented—the work of Wolf Design Partners as well as designs created while Bob was employed or partnering with other consulting firms. Enjoy.


Bank of America  Logo design for the Bank of America, the first truly coast to coast bank in America.  I have designed a lot of logos, but this one in particular gave me goose bumps when I came up with the concept.  Still does. 

Solution:  Make an emotional connection, communicating American pride and down-to-earth values.


Yes this is my ORIGINAL sketch (hand smear and all).
However, I Photoshopped in the Sharpies for drama and scale.


Komatsu  Logo design for one of the world’s largest manufacturers of heavy machinery. Sometimes (most times) simple is best. 

Solution:  Communicate strength, confidence and ‘heavy lifting’ to an expanding global marketplace.


Unisys  Logo design for a global information technology company who is working with many of the world’s largest companies and government organizations to help solve their IT challenges.

Solution:  Communicate the essence of the business, drawing attention to the ‘i’ for information services.


Lockheed Martin  Logo design for America’s leading defense company, after its merger with Martin Marietta. An exciting project to work on. Competitive within the agency, and gratifying when my design was selected. Especially satisfying, the ‘stealth’ design I created for their corporate signs. 

Solution:  Unite two cultures and communicate breakthrough technology.


The Port Authority of NY & NJ  Comprehensive program to commemorate the September 11th attacks on the World Trade Center. A difficult assignment, due to the sensitivity of the subject and audience, but in the end, very rewarding. 

Solution:  Reflect shared sorrow, and make an emotional connection while dealing with the difficult but important task of remembering this tragic event.


Shipley Energy  New logo and comprehensive rebranding for a prominent Mid-Atlantic energy company. A massive undertaking, and very successful, thanks to a strong visionary at the client’s helm.

Solution:  Make a strong visual impact, signal commitment to the community and renew employee spirit and pride.


Mobile Vision Player  Logo for a revolutionary new technology with the ability to stream live video where ANYONE can watch broadcast content across any PC or mobile internet device. 

Solution:  Capture the magic of breakthrough technology while communicating stability, reliability and confidence.


The Discovery Center  Logo for a collaborative venture between The Audubon Society and Outward Bound offering a state-of-the-art leadership and conservation center where people can experience a wildlife sanctuary in the midst of the city of Philadelphia. 

Solution:  Capture the moment of flight and incorporate a ‘window of discovery and wonder’.


Lipath  Refresh  the logo design and brand identity of a physician-led diagnostic pathology laboratory. A unique feature of this logo—a diamond shaped cut-out in its center, created to capture attention and convey the heart of service at the core of the company’s mission.

Solution: Propel a company into new markets with a revitalized symbol inspired by da Vinci’s Vitruvian man.


Moran Global Valuation  Logo design for an independent valuation consulting firm, serving clients in the Americas, Asia/Pacific and Europe. A nice optical effect occurs when this symbol is reduced to small size. 

Solution:  Evoke dynamic motion, diverse business journeys and long-term collaboration.


Landmark Solutions  Logo for a company providing connections to those who want to do business in the Middle East. So they can be easily identified, I like to assign nicknames to the concepts I create. This one I call the ‘Desert Wind’. 

Solution:  Capture the mystery of the desert, be reflective of the region and appeal to core audiences.


StubbyDog Logo design for an organization committed to changing public perceptions of pit bulls.

Solution: Visually illustrate an organization’s mission- ‘Rediscover the pit bull.’


Pennsylvania State University Logo design for a state-related, publicly funded university considered as providing a quality of education comparable to those of the Ivy League.

Solution: Update the university’s symbol, focusing on the head and face of the Nittany Lion Shrine, presenting it in a more engaging, contemporary way.


Interbrew (now InBev) Proposed logo for what is now one of the largest marketers of beverages and spirits in the world.

Solution: Communicate purity, vitality and refreshment.


ENSCO Proposed mark for a global provider of offshore drilling services.

Solution: Capture the essence of a company’s offering in its logo.


Smart Touch Energy A company providing an easy, online customer-centric buying experience, striving to become the only full-service energy company with nationwide reach.

Solution: A logo that captures the moment of touch where the customer experience begins.


Lexus Proposed mark for a global auto manufacturer of luxury automobiles. The obvious visual similarity to certain German brands is intentional, a conscious attempt to add an international positioning to the brand. Approved by Toyota North America, the design was shelved by the parent company in Japan.

Solution: A dynamic symbol that can stand up to the world’s leading luxury vehicle brands.


Lancome / Guy Laroche Proposed logo design for the international fashion icon. While classic the original logo no longer aligned with the direction of the brand.

Solution: Create a mark that is built to last, embodying a balanced appeal to both men and women.


Hush Puppies Logo and packaging design system for a global manufacturer of footwear, known for their casual style and easy going attitude. To reflect the plural name, I created a mark incorporating two basset hounds. I showed only the heads as there was no way to give a basset hound body a makeover.

Solution: Redefine and reposition a cultural icon with a fresh, fashionable new look and visual style.


Weight Watchers A proposed logo for Weight Watchers, a weight management organization. I updated this unused design to include their current tag line. Amazing how some designs hold up. This one—created over 30 years ago!

Solution: Capture the essence of a company’s mission in its symbol.


Nama Logo design for an extraordinary and uniquely positioned Japanese restaurant. They moved out of town a couple of years ago. I still miss them.

Solution: Convey a sense of mystery, exclusivity and authenticity.


Texenergo Logo design, packaging and visual style for a leading distributor of electric products to Russian construction and manufacturing markets.

Solution: Integrate a lightning bolt, the universal symbol for electric power, in an unexpected way to achieve a cleaner, stronger visual Brand presence.


Weatherford Logo design for one of the largest global providers of oilfield products and services. Clean and simple, the stylized ‘W’ is representative of a drill bit pointing to the earth. So simple, I was surprised at the time this mark was able to be registered.

Solution: A powerful symbol revitalizes a brand’s culture and employee spirit.


Radio City Music Hall Proposed logo design for the legendary New York City entertainment icon. The design solution—a spotlight on the obvious.

Solution: Employ the architecture of a well known landmark in a logo to help redefine an institution.


Red Lobster Proposed symbol for the largest seafood chain in North America. As I created this design quite a while ago, I felt it needed a refreshed presentation, but the symbol remains unchanged. A testament to the timelessness of the design.

Solution: A logo that is fun, playful and targets middle America.


The Coca-Cola Company Proposed identity for The World of Coke, the museum showcasing the history of the iconic brand. Consumer insights showed that the ‘dynamic ribbon’ is the best icon to convey the sum total of core brand values—energy, optimism, youthful spirit, and refreshment.

Solution: Engage consumers in a more contemporary and relevant manner with a visually compelling reinterpretation of the Dynamic Ribbon.

Bob Wolf

His portfolio is a “Who’s Who” of Brands, but more importantly, his work reflects the ground-up engineering of Brands that are built to last. Bob’s approach and talent lies in truly understanding the strategic intent of the companies who hire him.

Meaningful and provocative, many of his logos are immediately recognizable. The Bank of America, Gillette, Lockheed Martin, Komatsu and Unisys are among those who have benefited from his talents.

How to contact us

Email: bob@wolfdesignpartners.com

Phone: 201.927.1180

Skype: bob.wolf_wdp

Address: Wolf Design Partners  
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